Sunday, October 12, 2008

Indulge Me Please

A few years ago, on my husband's birthday, he came home from a shopping trip (by himself) with a new Canon EOS Rebel Digital Camera-for ME! That's the kind of guy I'm married to - it's his birthday but he bought me a gift! I already had a Canon 35mm camera with a couple of lenses and some other gadgets and they all worked with my new digital camera so all I needed to do was charge the battery and start taking pictures. I have enjoyed photography and using both of these cameras (I kept the 35mm thinking I would still use it...) and the new camera paid for itself in one day because I was able, with the help of some computer software, to take my daughter's senior pictures. She was very happy with the outcome and so we were happy as well!

Mostly, I love scenic photography; and I LOVE this time of year! I also see beauty in barns with broken doors in need of a new coat of paint, in walls that are falling down, in rust and things that maybe aren't so appealing to the people who own these "broken" things. Another point of interest for me is our granddaughter, Chyanne! Indulge me please and let me share a few recent photos of her!

She looks very serious here - but she really is not very serious. The truth is, she may very well have been caught doing something that she shouldn't have been!

Morgan and Cole also decided it was time for her to take her first jump on the trampoline; after many warnings from me about not letting her fall off the edge, to the trampoline they went. She thoroughly loved it and showed absolutely no fear! I love that about small children; they don't know the danger that can happen and they trust completely in the person holding them or taking care of them. I wish that I could trust God like that - I'm learning but I don't know if I'll ever be able to be that "reckless" about it! Okay, just a few more - I just can't help myself!

On the left: Chyanne & Morgan;

On the right: Chyanne & Cole; and

Below: Chyanne spotted me with the camera and had to stop to say hello. Love you little princess! I was also able to get out on Friday and take some pictures of landscape and other scenery; the sky was just beautiful as you can see in this first photograph - perfect for photographing.

The picture above was taken along the side of the road; I just had to stop-the sky was so beautiful!

Both the picture above and directly to the left were taken at a place called Falls Park; very beautiful this time of year.

I really enjoyed my time out in nature with God and being able to take these pictures. I saw him all around!

Where does God show up in your daily life? Do you look for him? He's all around and just waiting to be "found!" I'd love to hear about what, or where, or whom you see God in your daily life!

They were calling out to each other, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies! The whole earth is filled with his glory!”
Isaiah 6:3


  1. Very neat pics Janelle - your grandbaby is very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I haven't seen pictues of your "baby" in a long time, what a doll she is! Feel free to share more often! =)

  3. Janelle,
    Happy to have found you, and you have found me at "Choose Joy". I plan to put a link to your site on mine. Thanks for sharing grandbaby pics. I love my 3 grandbabies so much. I am sure you will see them often. You can also keep up on Tyler a little bit. He is staying out of trouble. Carol

  4. Great shots. In your second paragraph you talked about shooting scenery and appreciating things like the old barn door, me to thinking about finally adding a post to my blog...coming tomorrow I reckon, but isn't it such a God thing that people who may be a little bit like that barn door or falling wall are the ones who are able to appreciate them?