Friday, April 10, 2009

All Because of Today

Imagine what it would have been like to be Simon, and to have
Carried the Cross of Christ while following Him up Calvary.

What would it have been like to have endured the jeers and the cheers that swirled around
Him like a golfer’s gallery in hell?

What would it have been like to have shared in the humiliation of rejection as He was cast

out of the city as though He wasn’t good enough to remain inside?

What would it have been like to have felt the sticky warmth of His blood from the Cross on your skin?

What would it have been like to have felt the encroaching
horror as the place of execution neared?

What would it have been like to have looked up through the sweat that trickled down your face, and see the executioners who stood waiting impassively with hammers in hand?

What would it have been like to have the burden of the Cross lifted from your back as someone said, “This is His Cross; ;you’re free to go now,” and He was nailed to it, not you?

Carry the Cross. He promises that if you do, you will share in the power of His resurrection and the glory of His crown.
Taken from “Just Give Me Jesus” by Anne Graham Lotz

I can't possibly imagine, but today I'm trying to.
I want a front row seat today.
I need to get as close as I can.
I need to see the bruises and torn up flesh; smell the sweat and blood; see the pain.
And to see the look of love in HIS eyes when our eyes meet.

Simon's life was a life that was changed, I'm certain of that.
And because of the sacrifice that Jesus made, I claim that I am a life that is changed.

Tonight, at our church, our pastor is taking us through the Last Supper; communion will be celebrated as well. We won't be there.

We have a small Bible study group that meets together on the weekends, usually on Saturday's but this week we decided to meet on Friday. We will be sitting around a table sharing and talking about Jesus and how he is at work in our lives. Around that same table, we plan to share Communion together.

I am praying that once again, my heart will be changed.

It's Friday...but Sunday's comin!


  1. Wow, Janelle. Thank you for this.

    It's Friday ... But Sunday's comin'. Amen, sister. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Tears at my computer - tears last night as we celebrated communion and sang "Your Grace Still Amazes Me." Tears as we ventured to that scene in the garden of Gethsemane and then to the cross.

    I don't like Friday. The stench of my own sin, though I know forgiveness in the depth of my heart and being, is weighty stuff this Good Friday. It's Friday, and praise God that Sunday is coming!

    May our lives be forever changed by His sacrifice for us!

  3. As the old hymn says, "Oh, to grace, how great a debtor, daily I'm constrained to be." His sacrificial love is beyond all I can imagine.

    Yes...Sunday's coming! Praise His Name!

  4. This will linger with me for a while. For a long while...

    Beautiful job.

  5. Wow, Janelle, I never looked at it from Simon's perspective - thank you for your inspiring words - it's made it real for me all over again - Thank you Lord - Sunday's coming!

  6. I have been writing about the view from Peter and one of the criminals crucified beside Jesus. Thank you for reminding me about Simon. It is with friends by our side that life's burdens are lifted, at least for a while. And thanks to Jesus, these burdens are nothing compared to the sacrifice He made for us all. Have a very Blessed Easter!

  7. Wow. Thank you for this. Amazing. And the photo....Wow.

  8. For some reason I was more touched by the suffering, torture, sorrow and tragedy of what happened to Jesus. I can not imagine being there. I can not imagine what it felt like to be the mother of Jesus, watching what was happening to her son. I am grateful for Friday, but so very, very happy there was and is a Sunday! Carol