Thursday, May 28, 2009

Enough Already

Maybe you live under a rock and haven't heard about the Gosselin's; Jon & Kate. The parents who had twin daughters and then sextuplets (three boys and three girls). They've had a "spot" on TLC for a few years and I have enjoyed watching the craziness of their life and watching the kids grow.

If you've been in a check-out line at the grocery store you've seen the magazines with Jon &/or Kate on the cover; if you've had the news on you've probably heard the story of betrayal; if you've talked with your friends the subject of Jon's alleged "messing around" has probably come up.

Personally, I have been involved in a few conversations and I did read the article (interview with Kate) in the People magazine that comes to the office.

Monday night was the first show of the new season; on the show, they celebrated the sextuplets 5th birthday. Jon & Kate were both there. But they were not necessarily together. From what I understand, Jon does not live at the house with his wife and family right now.

Yesterday, as I walked into the office, there was a "robust" conversation/debate involving the Gosselin's and who is at fault for the current status of their relationship and the reasons for it.

I was struck by the sadness (finally...) of the situation. A family, carefully crafted and put together by God, being torn apart by circumstances, choices, fears, questions and

Who knows what the future holds; Kate doesn't, Jon doesn't, I don't. But God does.

I've just had enough already and I am ashamed at how easily and quickly a sacred union of two people joined together by God has become some sort of "water cooler topic" for me.

I am resolved to stop talking and start praying.
To stop judging and assuming and...gossiping.
My behavior (words and actions) needs to change.

Have you had enough already?


  1. Yes. I have had enough. I do not watch any of those shows. Idol is about all I indulge in...then the supernatural show Heroes (which is getting pretty iffy for me as well)

    The rest of my TV time is ESPN watching sports or Food Netwok with my sweet hubby. But usually I have my computer or a book in hand as well, so they are background noise.

    It's just getting so hard to turn on the TV to find anything worth watching.

    So, I like your idea, stop talking and start praying. I'd even add, stop watching (but that works for me and may not for everyone else.)

    Thanks for the post, and the reminder to get on my knees and pray!

  2. Lynn, there may come a time when I decide to stop watching the show; a lot of it will depend on how things are handled.

    It's just so sad to me that someone's tragedy is so "entertaining."

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don't watch the show, I've barely heard of it, and carefully avoid supermarket headlines.

    Having said that, I heard some mention of it when I made the mistake of turning on the radio recently.

    My thought is that whatever the truth is, it's tragic that it's going to be played out on TV. If he cheated, then whatever steps they take will be discussed endlessly -- should she divorce? Should she forgive him? What message does it send ... blah, blah, blah ...

    Sadly, they gave away a measure of privacy when they agreed to appear on TV and few enough people are going to have the class to step back now and say, "You need time as a family. We'll come back later."

  4. My wife has watched that show a few times, but I watch television to take a break from the chaos of family life. Watching all of that? Not a break.

    But who could really stand up to all that pressure? Who could live with a camera constantly shoved in their face? Not me. I'm glad I'm just another face in the crowd.

    Stop talking and start praying? Yes.

  5. I've been praying ever since I first heard the sad news--it is sad that people prey on such things. And by people, I must ashamedly include myself in the mix.
    It is a shame that so many from the outside look in and pass judgement, but like Jon & Kate both said on the other night's show, they are the only ones who truly know what is going on.

  6. Thank you, you have echoed my thoughts. It is said that our nation thrives on the tragedy of a hurting marriage! I pray that God, our only true Hope, can reconcile this marriage and so many other hurting people. Thanks, you said it beautifully!

  7. So true, Janelle.

    Praying that God pulls something beautiful from the ashes. We know He can ... He WILL. He's pretty good at that kind of thing.

    Meanwhile, I'll join you in praying, and not participating in the finger-pointing gossip.

    Thought-provoking post, Janelle.

  8. I wrote a bit about this too!! The posts will be featured at my blog next week. I realized, through my writing, that any opinions I may have about this are based on walking in my shoes, not theirs. I quit watching the show a while ago but I did catch snippets of the recent one where both of them were interviewed. I also pray for them and their kids.

  9. Isn't that where repentance steps in? At the point that we've had enough of our own sin whether it be gossip or whatever?