Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Choosing Truth

A few years ago I received a book mark that was simply called "Who I am in Christ." Simple title - simple message: I am accepted; I am secure; and I am significant. The great thing about this book mark is that it has just over 30 different messages for me from God supporting the fact that I am accepted (I am his child, his friend, I have been justified, I've been united with God, I was bought with a price, I am a saint, I have access to God, I have been redeemed, I am complete in Christ); I am secure (free forever from condemnation, I cannot be separated from God's love, I have been anointed and sealed by the Holy Spirit, I am hidden with Christ in God, I am born of God); and I am significant (I am salt and light, I have been chosen, I am God's temple, I am God's co-worker, I am God's workmanship, I am seated with Christ in heaven, I am a branch of the true vine).

My identity is addressed on the back of the bookmark and it says: "Understanding your identity in Christ is absolutely essential for your success at living a victorious Christian life!" (From Living Free in Christ by Dr. Neil T. Anderson). It also has these two columns:

Satan's Lie ************ God's Truth

You are a sinner ************** You are a saint
because you sin. ************** (one declared righteous by God) who sins.

Your identity ***************** Your identity
comes from what ************** comes from what
you have done. ****************God has done for you.

Your identity ***************** Your identity
comes from what ************** comes from what
people say about you. **********God says about you.

Your behavior tells ************ Your belief about
you what to believe ************ yourself determines
about yourself. **************** your behavior.

Adapted from "Resolving Spiritual Conflicts and Cross-Cultural Ministry" by Dr. Timothy Warner

Today is one of those days - I'm struggling with my identity. Wondering if I really matter; even as I write this it seems strange because I know that I matter to God and to others. So why do these thoughts creep into my head? Why do I even entertain the devil and let him try and convince me that I don't matter?

Well honestly, because I allow myself to fall into the trap of comparing myself to others and choosing to ignore the fact that God created me with my specific gifts and qualities, abilities and interests for HIS purposes - not mine. I just get selfish and truth be told, I want recognition.

I need to get past myself (which is my sinful nature nurtured by Satan's conniving) and choose to believe the things that God says about me. Today, despite my selfishness, I'm choosing truth - God's Truth! Will you join me in living like an accepted, secure and significant child of God?

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13


  1. Poignant - and how I feel this morning. Satan is such a powerful force - a subtle sucker. But like you, today, I want with everything I have to believe God, to really accept what he says about me. Today, I choose truth!

  2. I need to print out this post, take it to my nearest tatoo parlor and have it emblazoned on my forehead--backwards, so I read it each time I look in the mirror.
    Thanks, Janelle.