Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Cry Of My Heart

At times, my heart is so stone-cold. I can't, won't or don't, utter a sound to my Heavenly Father.

Other times, my heart is so full and its seems like I'm unable to utter a sound because there's so much emotion inside of me. In those moments, all I can do is let the Holy Spirit pray on my behalf. Romans 8:26 says "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness...but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express."

And how quickly my heart can change from cold and empty to warm and overflowing; just last night I asked a friend for prayers for my "stone-cold" heart.

Today, I have so much to talk to God about; to praise him for the beautiful weather; for the ways I see him moving in my children; for the ways he constantly provides for our family; for the amazing family and friends that he has given us; for the beautiful sunrise...for the change in my heart.

Then, there are the things that I don't have words for but want to talk to my Abba Father about:

A friend whose mom is having tests done next week.

Friends whose marriage has been tested and withstood the attacks of the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. For her because she is trusting God to use her testimony of forgiveness and reconciliation for God's glory; for him, for being an honorable man of God and wanting his wife to share the junk and the joy that is the result of it.

A friend who is struggling with her career and where God wants her; really wanting to see God's will for her.

A friend who is planning on a weekend get-a-way to a quiet place; to listen and discern what God would have her share.

A friend whose son-in-law lost his job with a wife and four children to care for.

A friend who has been hurt by someone close to her; asking me to pray that she finds her identity in Christ, not in what people think of her.

Friends who just lost their father/father-in-law; feelings of sadness and loss for them and their family but overwhelming joy at the thought of him entering the presence of God - his race run and WON!

All of this has got me thinking about the cry of my heart, not just today, but every day. I mean, if I could tattoo one thing on my heart or if my heart had a flashing sign or a bumper sticker, what would I want it to say?

Coincidentally (I absolutely don't believe in coincidence by the way), I was listening to Any Given Day; the song Refiner's Fire was playing. At the end of the song, I realized what I want the cry of my heart to be as the singer kept repeating the words "make us holy...make us holy...make us holy..."

Father God, I'm filled with emotion today for those that I love and care about. For their needs and hurts and wants and desires - and for the days to come. I pray God, that in your glorious ways, that you hear the cry of my heart when I have no words to say.

And Faithful One, make me holy. I'm on my knees asking you to make me holy. Amen.

What's the cry of your heart?


  1. It is the cry of my heart to follow Christ, to proclaim His name in everything. It is also the cry of my heart to walk through this life with others and grow into deeper relationships with and for Him.

    Great post - so thankful that you allow Him to groan on your behalf.

  2. The cry of my heart is to look to him more. Like your picture there shows...on my knees, looking skyward, hands opened at the cross.

    Why is it I find so many other things to take up my time? Grrrr.

    Great post today!

  3. Janelle, I had an hour alone in the car this morning and I kept praying/ crying out/ calling "I want to be holy, God make me holy, I want to be holy, make me holy..."
    Be blessed today as you intercede.

  4. The cry of my heart is to have a closer relationship with Christ. I have been straying a lot lately and find myself in places where I am struggling because of it. But if I could have anything tattooed on my heart it would be these words "It's gonna be worth it all!"

  5. Janelle, it is a wondrous thing to experience the renewal of our heart from the Lord as we cry out to Him. He is so faithful! Thank you for sharing your heart on this issue. It is good to walk the pilgrim path together, to encourage one another in the difficult and the joyful.

  6. It's so hard to hurt for your friends. I think it's beautiful to see your tender heart towards the people you love in your life. It's the thing that makes the journey a little bit easier to walk in the tough times, to be surrounded by this fellowship. You're obviously an amazing friend and I know God is using that to bless the people you mentioned in this post. Thanks for encouraging us to do the same. The cry of my heart?... to let go of fear and engage in the battle.