Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two Birds, One Stone


A blogger friend over at Hope42day ( chose a new word for 2009. It was contagious. I loved the idea and her reasons for her choice. You can check it out on her blog.

Rather than a resolution I decided to choose a word as well. I've been thinking about this for a few days and have come up with my word for 2009: "break."

A few of the things I want to break:
Bad habits (including not spending time with God each day reading the Bible and praying)

Negative thinking (a pastor friend of mine calls it stinkin-thinkin: about myself, my situation, others, etc.)

There is one thing that is more important to me about the word break. I am going to be intentional about breaking out or breaking away from what is normal for me. To be part of "THE MORE" that I know God has planned for me.

I am also going to be intentional about breaking my pride and fear; two little words but so big in my life.

My ipod is engraved; it says "Broken and Beautiful. Jesus Paid it All." I hope that by the beginning of 2010 my word is broken.


I am the victim of "blogger tag." My friend, Chris, over at caught me and the rules are as simple: list six random or weird facts about yourself and then tag six others. So, I'll give it a try. In no particular order I give you:

Number 1: I can remember when I was two years old and I dropped my dolly's (glass) bottle on the cement patio and it shattered; I also remember the rabbits in kennels in the back yard. Did you catch that? I WAS 2!!

Number 2: I've been on stage. It happened at a local pizza parlor called the "Upper Crust." I was a big Joan Jett fan in grade school and one night, while at the pizza place with a bunch of friends, I (a.k.a. Joan Jett) and some friends (a.k.a. the "Black Hearts") got to get on the stage and LIP SYNC to the "Nag." I don't recall having to autograph anything but I'm certain that I did.

Number 3: Last year I went to a Women of Faith conference in Minneapolis with my friends Kathy and Shelly; we laughed a lot! On Friday night we decided to order pizza and have it delivered to our hotel. When the pizza delivery guy arrived, we asked him to model the new scarf and gloves that Shelly bought that day and then we asked him if we could take a picture with him. The poor guy didn't know what to say. That little trip to Minneapolis, by the way, ended with Shelly and I stealing (I KNOW I KNOW) an orange cone which, if the cone had a blog and could write, would be able to tell you six weird and random things about it's "experiences" since it was stolen. I think we'll call the cone "Waldo."

Number 4: I work in a law office with my boss and the office manager, Camie. Camie is one of my very best friends and has been since she started working with us about 5 1/2 years ago. This is neither weird nor random. I just feel blessed.

Number 5: I remember things, lots of things. Don't ever try and win an argument with me. I can remember the telephone number of my best grade school friend, Michon. The last four digits are 2629; Sue's: 1946; Denise: 0146; Chellie: 1172; Mikkel: 0195. When I go to the grocery store seeking 3-4 items, I can never remember all of them without making a list.

Number 6: I have always loved to sit on my (earthly) dad's lap; I still would if he would let me! I'm just getting practice in for when I get to sit on my first (heavenly) Daddy's lap.

Now, I tag the following:
Lynn Rush @ Light of Truth
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Steph @ Learnin' by Grace

Carol @ Choose Joy


  1. Thanks Janelle and may God continue to "break" all of us this year!!
    I share your freakish memory...remember, use your powers for good, not evil...they are a gift. ;)

  2. I am sure your kids and your husband hate your memory. I find it funny that you have such a good memory but must not have remembered that you were to tag SIX people, and by the by...where's Waldo?

  3. Oh ... the stolen cone. I sense a future blog post. Could you post some photos? Humor us!!

  4. Chris, I did REMEMBER that I needed to tag six - but so many of the bloggers that I "hang" with have already been tagged...and you tell me where Waldo is.

    Jen, Chris has the best picture; somehow Waldo the cone ended up on his roof some 30 feet off the ground...could see it in three surrouding counties.

  5. Wow. Great post. I love the word break. I think you're on to something.

    Now to your six things..... holy moly, ON STAGE? That's WAY cool. And you remembering things....Gosh darn, I'm horrible at it. Seriously, you ask my sweet hubby, he'll smile and shake his head in agreement.

    I'm tagged? **smile** I've been tagged several times in the last month, so I'll refer you to my post from when I was tagged, cuz I'm just too boring to think of six new interesting things about myself, seriously, I'm way boring.

  6. I love your word and what is engraved on your ipod! When i read 'broken and beautiful' the image that came to mind was an oil spill in the parking lot. It means someone's oil pan is broken but when you look at the oil it is beautiful because of the rainbow swirled inside. Like us...sometimes broken but able to come back because of Jesus' love shining in our souls. Peace, Blessings and Contagious Love, Laughter and Hope42Day...

  7. Cute post! I am "victim" of great memory also. Drives my friends and family nuts! Although I can't claim on having any memories from the age of 2, I can reapeat a conversation word by word, tell you what you were wearing, what I was wearing and where we were - even though it was 5 years ago! :)

  8. Pride and Fear. Ah, so true. Yuck! Icky! Yuck! Praying that the Lord of all does a breakthrough in me and many this year.

  9. Thanks for the advice you left on my post. I think you're so right. The perspective of one day really changes things. That encouraged me. I love your word for '09 and what a beautiful idea.

  10. Broken and beautiful. It's an expensive way to live and the only way to real joy.