Friday, January 2, 2009

A Life That is Changed

A new year: a new name.

When I chose the name for my blog I didn't know exactly what I would be blogging about; however, after a few months, the "theme" is clear, at least for me.

My life was drastically changed because of the birth of a baby King; because of the life of man, yet still God; because of the death and Resurrection of my Savior.

It seems that my blogs aren't so random after all...

What are your thoughts on the new name; of changing it once the "game has started?"


  1. I liked the popcorn name but this name fits very well! I hate making decisions like this. I think you can change, after you start your blog. My vote is "Popcorn - a Life that's Changed." But that's just my opinion - not necessary to take it!

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  3. I understood popcorn and your love of it (you make a fine bowl, I might add), but the name alteration is absolutely perfect- as you have been changed, to bring change to bring change! Are you tracking?

    Christ has grabbed hold of you and your family, He has changed the way you look at the world and I dare say the way the world looks at you. He has changed your focus, what matters to you and has changed your life!

    Subsequently, other lives have changed and the Kingdom is all the better for this change. Love the name change - it is perfect! May he continue to mold and shape you, and the hearts and lives of those you touch!

  4. Chris, wow, a blog within a blog comment.

    I was picking up what you were laying down with the "change" - thank you for this new life, thank you for the invitation!!! God we want to shout it loud enough to shake the nations...we, I, you, they have been changed to bring change, to bring change!

  5. hey there! thanks for your comment on my blog... glad to here you are exploring it and wanna learn about our ministry. its all pretty wonderful and amazing! did you find the mission's organizations blog?
    let me know if you have any questions! id gladly help!

  6. Liked the old name. But the new one is great! Happy new year!