Friday, January 30, 2009

Surrounded by a Great Cloud of Witnesses

These past few days I have been extremely humbled; so humbled that I've been brought to tears. Tears come now as I think about the great host of witnesses I'm surrounded by.

When I created my blog I didn't expect anyone to really read it. But I had friends that somehow "found" it and started reading it.

I became very prideful; needing/wanting to write something that would result in my friends making comments about how much they loved the post, loved me, or about how wonderful my relationship with God is; or a combination of all them. My posts became more about me than they did about glorifying my Creator - the One who deserves, and is so worthy of, praise.

I began to feel things, feelings and emotions, that I didn't like. You know, those feelings you have when you've done, said or in this case, thought something you shouldn't have.

Then one of my real life friends, who is also a blogger, encouraged me to join High Calling Blogs; I did. And I longed for the same sort of praise. Praise for me; not praise to God for the work he has done, and continues to do, in my life.

Then, something changed.

I began visiting other blogs in the HCB network; I was being blessed by what I was reading. I'm not going to name-names, but the blessings I have received from blogging and the greater blogging community have humbled me. Some of the blogs I visit are written by friends that I see and talk to personally; others I visit are of people I may never meet...this side of heaven. But as I think about some of you now, (tears coming) I consider you friends and look forward to the day that I do get to meet you.

This blogging community has me in complete and total awe of how God weaves my life in with yours and how that touches someone else. I need to share a story, and I'll try so hard to keep it short.

This summer a little boy, the nephew of some friends, in our area got sick and was in the hospital in Minneapolis. While he was there, his family met another family there with their daughter, Jessica, who was found in the water; she eventually died as a result. A terrible tragedy. But the beautiful thing was that an entire praying community came together to pray for this family we didn't even know.

The weaving had begun before little Isaiah even got sick.

Moving forward. Still keeping "track" of little Jessica's family through her caring bridge site; praying, reading entries that her heart-broke mom is writing.


A few weeks ago I read a review on a book called "Parting the Waters" by Jeanne Damoff on a blog in our HCB network.


A few days later I read another review on the same book from someone within our HCB network.

More weaving.

A couple of days later, Jessica's mom made another entry to the caring bridge page. The tears ran down my cheeks as I read this heart broken mom talk about how she misses her little girl and the pain she feels.

...continues to weave.

I went to Jeanne Damoff's website clicked on "contact Jeanne" and sent her an email with the caring bridge link. I shared a little bit about the situation, said I had read a review about her book and wondered if she could visit the caring bridge page. I received an email back from Jeanne the next day. She visited the site, shared her heart from a similar experience and offered to send her the book "Parting the Waters" and encouraged Jessica's mom to contact her.

You, my fellow bloggers, are a blessing to me; I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. Thank you. Be blessed as you continue to be woven.

Jessica's website

Parting the Waters on Amazon: Jeanne Damoff’s Website:
Jeanne Damoff’s Blog:


  1. I, too, have been humbled by the good folks who are a part of the High Calling Blogs community. And trust me, I've shared every single emotion that you've described here. Jeanne Damoff's book is a blessing to this world, no doubt about it. And so are you...

  2. We never know when we will touch another life with our words, our deeds, our thoughts and our prayers. You have blessed me too, lady! Nice to hear your words!

  3. Thank you for being a thread that keeps weaving inspiration in the quilt of everyone's life.

  4. I have God bumps on my skin. They look like goosebumps, but I'm certain they are actually God bumps!

    Janelle, what a cool "weaving" you've created here.

    I appreciate, also, your honesty and questions about why we blog. God is using you through this blog, so keep doing it, girl!!!

  5. Janelle, I'm so thankful that in God's great tapestry He allowed the strands of our lives to cross. You are a blessing! Only a God like our God!!!

  6. Wow, Janelle, you were part of the thread that was used by the "Weaver" God is so good! Cool story!

  7. As I read your post my hand went to my heart in agreement and tears. It is so true and so wonderful to be woven together, a family here and even more so in the Kingdom to come!
    Blessings galore to you :-)

  8. The Weaver uses human weavers to accomplish his task's on this earth. I pray that you are blessed as you continue to allow him to weave his life into yours, and then weave that into more and more lives.

    I love the Weaver, and how he creates his tapestry.